We provide a unique concept of Soft Renovation

Monaco Trading, a subsidiary of Monaco Group, is engaged in the supply and distribution of interior and exterior finishes products for new constructions and renovations in the commercial, residential, and hospitality sectors.



Decorative Ceiling

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Our decorative ceilings are available in aluminum and wood finishes, in a wide array of designs, shapes and sizes.

Acoustic Ceiling

We believe that acoustic design and visual design should complement each other because they’re both a source of comfort and well-being. The acoustic performance of a space can be greatly enhanced by using the right acoustic materials in design.

Stretched Ceiling

Our stretched ceilings are custom-made to perfectly fit each space. The ceiling systems are mounted on specially designed Aluminum railings with soft PVC material stretched and hooked under tension into the rails. We also offer a full range of railings and accessories available for spotlights, A/C vents, sprinklers, etc.

3-Dimensional Panels

Three-dimensional curved panels punctuate flat ceiling planes with rhythm and depth. These panels create myriad patterns with just one simple panel shape. They are Lightweight lay-in panels installed into a narrow-profile suspension system, allowing full ceiling accessibility. Luminous panels may be backlit with LED strip fixtures or integrated with standard lay-in fixtures.